Call For Entries

MaeBerry Cosplay wants to bring the New Mexico cosplay community together! We have created a New Mexico Cosplayer Directory in conjunction with a New Mexico Convention Directory to help build community and inform local cosplayers about the nerdy opportunities here in the Land of Enchantment. 


The purpose of this directory is to help showcase, spread positivity and give recognition to all of the cosplay talent in New Mexico. Only cosplayers who submit this application and fill all of the qualifications will be included in this listing. Cosplayers selected will be featured on this webpage with a headshot and link to their main content page. Each month, the newest members of the directory will have a full feature at the top of the page. The intent of this directory is to represent New Mexico well as a cosplay community and, therefore, only cosplayers who specialize in costumes and builds that are tasteful and at least 75% self-made will be featured. This is not meant to be a contest so quality and followings will not have bearing on inclusion in this directory.


If you have any questions about the directory, please feel free to reach out to us at :

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