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MaeBerry Cosplay is a cosplay couple based out of Albuquerque, NM specializing in body positive portrayals of LGBTQI+ characters. Their cosplay career began in 2014 at Dallas A-Kon and has gained repute at conventions throughout the southwest, with some of their cosplays being recognized on the national stage by shows on major television networks. Their blog, narrating their travels and experiences at cons in cosplay, as well as, some much needed ‘how to’ or DIY tutorials have gained recognition on the national stage by conventions as large as Dallas A-Kon. Two of their blogs are featured in the online Press Room of ClexaCon and their blog is ranked in the ‘75 Top Cosplay Blogs‘ by Feedspot, the most comprehensive list of cosplay blogs on the internet. Most recently they were featured in the Cosplay Savant column of FangirlNation Magazine and a full page feature in Cosplayzine’s Nov-Dec issue.

Dorian Block

Hello! In the cosplay world, I go by @DapperDorian. (He/Him/His)


I’m a dapper TransMasculine individual, cosplaying both male and female characters. While I have only been cosplaying for four years, I have an extensive background in dressing up for a living. I hold my Bachelor of Arts in English and Arts Administration. By day I am a digital marketer in the Entertainment sector. By night I specialize in prop making, fabrication, and jewelry design. You will often find me spray painting by the dumpsters at our apartment complex, much to the bafflement and chagrin of maintenance.

I urge you to explore our website, blogs and social media entities. I spend an inordinate amount of time arranging them for your viewing pleasure!

Bari Block

Hello! I go by @Sky_berry_13.



I have always had a passion for dressing up and being someone else for a day. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Life Science and am a Visual Merchandiser by day. So basically, I play dress up with life size Barbie dolls for a living. Cosplay has always drawn my eye and, while I am still new to sewing, I continue to hone my skills and become more confident in my finished products. Recently, I have begun tinkering with styling wigs. So far I have not had to take on any spiked wigs but I have tackled a looped gravity defying style (see Dark Matter).

I’m always up for a confidence booster. So if you see us at a con, and like what you see, feel free to ask for a picture. (I’ll also accept high fives and hugs.)

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Maria Ramirez-Meyers

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